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Monday’s on BLACK TALENT TV belong, for the most part, to the Karlton T. Clay & LA Web Fest 2014 officially selected web series The Lyons Den! Season 3 is shaping up to be an amazing season so I cannot wait to see what happens next! In this episode(titled “Watch Me, Watch You, Watch Him”), Ryan‘s(D.J. Jackson) jealousy becomes visible while Sherrí‘s(Reishal Monique) cousin moves back to Augusta, which may cause some confusion among the circle. The Lyons Den also stars Victoria Wilson, Shantelle Wheeler, Sam Evans, and Torrence White, with this episode guest starring Stacy Camille, Tyrice Lollis, Altina Menefee, Matt Calcutt, Shatareia Stokes, Keturah Jackson, Garrick Willingham, Kwashane Dijiare, and Clay himself. This episode is just CRAZY and shocking. I just am anticipating what is going to happen next since these revelations are keeping me more and more interested. YOU can view this episode of The Lyons Den below.

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Photo Credit: The Lyons Den Episode 3.19 on YOUTUBE