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Another episode of the LA Web Fest 2014 officially selected(where the show won 2-3 awards) & Karlton T. Clay created web series The Lyons Den. After these past three episodes, I’m just more and more eager to find out what’s going to happen with all the lies, deceit, and exploits happening among this family and their friends & lovers. It’s crazy how every time a new character is introduced to us(the viewers), a new scandal is introduced that ends up tying in with at least one of the main characters in some way or another. The previous episode had the revelation of Sherri’s(Reishal Monique) cousin’s husband  sleeping with Raven’s(Victoria Wilson) ex-boyfriend and father to her daughter. In this episode(titled “Soulmate”), Ryan(D.J. Jackson) remembers the events that led up to his late fiancé’s death on the anniversary of the day of her death and Sherrí & Desmond(Torrence White) continue to get closer despite warning from Keysha(Shantelle Wheeler) & JC(Sam Evans). This episode guest stars Altina Menefee, Matt Calcutt, and Alexandria Wilson. YOU can view this episode of The Lyons Den below.

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Photo Credit: The Lyons Den Episode 3.20 on YOUTUBE