After a week break, episode 402 of the Karlton T. Clay created web series The Lyons Den has arrived! With the first season chronicled a group of siblings who deal with the aftermath & secrets following their father’s death, I am still baffled at how much more secrets come out every season and I’m sure this season will be no different. In this episode(titled “L-O-V-E and Affection”), as Keysha(Shantelle Wheeler) continues to drink her sorrows away, Raven(Victoria Wilson) is still stressing over Gabby’s party receiving some unexpected help, and the battle between J.C.(Sam Evans) and Ashley(Stacy Camille) heats up. Besides Wheeler, Wilson, Evans, and Camille, The Lyons Den also stars Reishal Monique, D.J. Jackson, Torrence White, Kendra Clay, Kwashane Dijiare, Shatareia Stokes, Antrinese Snell, Altina Menefee, Matt Calcutt, and Karlton T. Clay himself. This episode guest stars Johnnie Umoh & Jaye Starkes.

Honestly, I don’t know why Ashley is getting mad at J.C. for talking to another woman because it’s pretty clear that he does not want to romantically be with her but I do understand that Ashley might want the picture perfect family fairytale. Although I do like all of the characters, I just have a soft spot for Shayquan(Kendra Clay) since she keeps it real all the time and is definitely noticing the nervousness coming from Bobbi(Shatareia Stokes). I cannot wait to actually see what goes down at Gabby’s birthday party in the next episode but until then, YOU can view this episode of The Lyons Den below.

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Photo Credit: The Lyons Den Episode 4.27 on YOUTUBE