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After a very heavy mid-season finale of the Danielle A. Scott-Haughton created web series Dear Jesus, I have seriously been haunted with the images of what happened between Wale(Kayode Akinyemi) & Rochelle(Leonie Haynes-Moses). At the same time, I’ve been looking forward to finding out what happens next between them and for other characters in a crazy situation, such as Mercedes(Linda Adey) & Alexis(Samantha Earle). In the mid-season premiere(titled “Cracked & Snitched”), Mercedes & Jade(Nansi Nsue) conclude their epic show down, Wale apologizes to Rochelle, Keisha(Pauline Mujinga) gets a little angry that Holly(Ruby Padwick) was chosen for the job position at Alexis’ shop over her, and Jonathan(Courtney Winston) visits Alexis. Dear Jesus also stars Tristan Smith-Morris, Jamie Charles, Jermaine Harris, Kemar Downey, Michael Fatogun, and Abdullah Azeez. YOU can view this episode of Dear Jesus below.

Ever since her introduction into this season of Dear Jesus, I just knew that Jade was going to be trouble for Mercedes and David(Morris) and this definitely proves that she has her own agenda. As for Rochelle, I really hope she decides to tell someone like maybe Mercedes or Alexis about what Wale did because what he did was WRONG. Also, I find such comic relief from Keisha since she is just too funny and hopefully we’ll see more of her in the rest of the second half of season three.

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