Last week was the mid-season premiere of the Danielle A. Scott-Haughton created web series Dear Jesus and it was a GOOD one to say(or write) the least. I honestly still cannot get the scene of Wale(Kayode Akinyemi) beating Rochelle(Leonie Haynes-Moses) with the belt and I hope she tells someone soon! In this seventh episode of the third season(titled “Shady Business”), Mercedes(Linda Adey) learns that keeping secrets has devastating consequences. Dear Jesus stars Adey, Akinyemi, Haynes-Moses, Tristan Smith-Morris, Samantha Earle, Courtney Winston, Pauline Mujinga, Abdullah Azeez, Nansi Nsue, Jamie Charles, Jermaine Harris, and Ruby Padwick. YOU can view this episode of Dear Jesus below.

WOW at Alexis(Earle) telling James(Azeez) that Mercedes is pregnant with his baby! I know she’s just looking out for Mercedes and doesn’t want her to have an abortion but I think Mercedes should have told James, not Alexis. Also, Rochelle NEEDS to tell Mercedes at least about what Wale did to her and not lie like she did in this episode. On another note, I really liked that this episode showed us just a bit more of what Holly’s(Padwick) personal life is like since her boyfriend Robert(Harris) had to bring their baby to her job since he had a job interview.

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