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After the big O-M-G of Alexis(Samantha Earle) revealing to James(Abdullah Azeez) that Mercedes(Linda Adey) is pregnant with his baby, I cannot wait to find out what’s going to happen next in the Danielle A. Scott-Haughton created web series Dear Jesus. Truthfully, I believe James is going to do something with this knowledge he now has and possible tell David(Tristan Smith-Morris), which would suck for Mercedes. In this episode(titled “Important Meetings”), things quickly take a turn for the worst as James confronts Mercedes about Alexis’ shocking revelation. Also, the cast gives us a brief description on their characters. Dear Jesus stars Adey, Earle, Azeez, Smith-Morris, Leonie Haynes-Moses, Kayode Akinyemi, Courtney Winston, Pauline Mujinga, Abdullah Azeez, Nansi Nsue, Jamie Charles, Jermaine Harris, and Ruby Padwick. YOU can view this episode of Dear Jesus below.

What an episode! I still cannot believe Alexis told James but then David found out! What’s worse is that Mercedes is really hurt and could hurt the baby most importantly. Scott-Haughton is a genius who is making me cringe at the edge of my seat figuring out what’s going to happen next!

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