Get ready for two amazing episodes of the third season of the web series Dear Jesus, which is created by the talented Danielle A. Scott-Haughton. This season was extremely amazing and the fact that it was cut in two parts of five episodes was just great since it left me wanting more and more. The new characters added this season definitely brought new life into the show along with the veteran characters who are still keeping us(the fans) watching. I’m sad that the season is over since these two new episodes are THE LAST of season three but hopefully season four will come VERY SOON! The season three cast of Dear Jesus is Linda Adey, Tristan Smith-Morris, Samantha Earle, Leonie Hayes-Moses, Courtney Winston, Kayode Akinyemi, Pauline Mujinga, Abdullah Azeez, Nansi Nsue, Jamie Charles, Kemar Downey, Michael Fatogun, Jermaine Harris, and Ruby Padwick.

In episode 309(titled “Keeping Secrets”) & episode 310(titled “Perfect”), everything comes to a head. Rochelle(Hayes-Moses) fights back at Wale(Akinyemi), Alexis(Earle) has a talk with Jonathan(Winston) then later turns him in, and Mercedes(Adey) gets a possible opportunity from Stephen(Fatogun). Too many revelations for me to handle but I cannot wait for season four! Check out both episodes of Dear Jesus below.

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