Here is some NEW music from someone who has already been featured on Black Talent TV—Lusive. To refresh your memory, the North East Bronx, NY was the starting point for Lusive. He continues to embrace hip-hop but continues to have different musical influences such as classical, blues, pop and R&B. Lusive has always enjoyed performing in front of a large mass of audience–showing the world his musical talent. He was introduced to musical instruments such as the piano and the violin, which lead to dance and writing songs. He started recording all over New York City by the age of 17 and continued to keep performing for his supporters.

Capture 2

On his new single “Rally” [produced by: FulleeLoaded Productions], Lusive raps about cops treating his people equally and just having a peaceful protest–#RallyDontRiot in a city you are in. Lusive wants his music to reach the world, bringing the youth and old together to help promote equal rights and positivity. Police brutality has been a problem throughout many years and it is now getting worse in 2014. Lusive states “As an African American man, we have unequal access to opportunities, college students are experiencing hiked college tuition rates, neighborhood gentrification displacing the middle class and then the poor somehow will never earn their rights.” Lusive wants to help change through music and to support President Obama’s announcement in response to Ferguson and cops killing unarmed black men. The White House would call for $75 million to make 50,000 body cameras available to police departments across the country.

Take a chance and listen to Lusive’s “Rally” below.

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