For those who did not click the link in the previous post that would’ve lead you to the season finale of Karlton T. Clay’s other amazing web series Karma, then you do not know that there IS another season of The Lyons Den. Yes, The Lyons Den is coming back for a sixth season! The Lyons siblings and their respective family & friends will be back for more laughs, tears, arguments, and shocking revelations. For a while, the fifth season was dubbed “the last season” but I’m guessing that after all of the fan feedback, Clay decided to change his mind and bring the show back. As a fan, I am extremely excited and know that season six will be just as good, if not better, than the previous seasons. I’m hoping to see more old characters pop up like they did in season five.

In the season five finale(titled “So Long…Farewell…To You My Friend”), Keysha(Shantelle Wheeler) must decide what’s next for her while her siblings are moving on with their lives. Besides Wheeler, this season of The Lyons Den has starred Reishal Monique, D.J. Jackson, Torrence White, Victoria Wilson, Sam Evans, Kendra Clay, Shatareia Stokes, Antrinese Snell, Altina Menefee, and Karlton T. Clay. This episode guest stars D.J. Chill Ay Chillz, Danny Bussey, Joya Moore, Simone Wilson, and Johnnie Umoh. YOU can view the season five finale of The Lyons Den below, as well as the official promo/announcement to season six.

If this really were the series finale of The Lyons Den, I think this is a perfect ending. I liked seeing Keysha have a conversation with both Shayquan(Kendra Clay) and Aisha(Snell), as well as Malcolm(White). It seems like the relationship between the siblings might just work out in the end even though they all have a long ways to go. I really liked the scene where Malcolm and Ryan(Jackson) played basketball together and Ryan referred to Malcolm as his “big brother”. I really enjoyed seeing that moment. Also, I loved hearing Kendra Clay’s(aka Life Under Virtue) song playing at the end. She has an AMAZING voice and if YOU want to hear more from her & other artists, check out The Lyons Den official soundtrack HERE.

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