For the past two episodes, the drama has been heating up between the cast of Zachariyah O’ Neal’s web series The Inner Circle: Houston and it’s going to come to a hault in this fifth episode where they ALL will be in the same room. Tenaiah President, Shanique “Shay” Byron, London Owens, Christopher Coleman, Erica Wilson, and Ashton Bess are going to in one room and the sparks are going to fly. There is going to be a lot of shade being thrown around but its mainly going to involve Tenaiah & Shay.

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 3.52.07 PM

In this episode(titled “Tenaiah vs. Shay”), Chris & Shay arrive to the party and drama quickly occurs between everyone. Later, the tension becomes more noticeable when everyone sits down and a slew of insults between Shay & Tenaiah quickly turn into a physical altercation. YOU can view this episode of The Inner Circle: Houston below. 

With everything that’s been already said about Tenaiah & Shay’s past as friends, I wasn’t too shocked that there was tension between them when she entered the party with Shay. However, I didn’t think that the situation was going to get physical. Besides the situation between Shay and Tenaiah, there was a lot of drama between Chris and Tenaiah & Ashton. I hope that some of these problems can be worked out by the end of this season of The Inner Circle: Houston.

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