Season 2 of Karlton T. Clay’s Karma has been heating up and we(the viewers/fans) are only three episodes in! While I’m the type of person who is weary of new characters entering my favorite shows, I love all of the new characters on Karma. I foresee Hilary(Rashonda Martin-Butler), Brandon(Courtney Gray), C.J.(A.J. Felton)and Derrick(Quincy Kelly) adding a few more problems for Karma(Ashley Black), Marcus(Tyrice Lollis), Melinda(Altina Menefee), and Valerie(Natalya Johnson). Similar to Clay’s other popular web series The Lyons Den(which is returning for a sixth season), I’m sure there’s going to be so many twists & turns that even a professional psychic couldn’t foresee what happens next.

In this episode(titled “What About Your Friends”), Karma is making adjustments as she has to deal with Brandon as her new co-host while Hilary seems to be staking her claim by forming new friendships. This episode guest stars Tarynn Stineman and Terrence Williams. YOU can view this episode of Karma below.

WOW at Valerie unfortunately having a miscarriage. With Jordan having an affair with Karma, I’m sure the miscarriage didn’t help but I’m glad her friend took her out for a walk at the beginning of the episode. However, I really hope that she does not form a friendship with Hilary due to her dislike for Karma because I believe Hilary is just using Valerie to get back at Karma. I strongly believe that she’s always had a thing for Marcus but he always had feelings for Karma so maybe her sleeping with him is also to get back at Karma. As for Karma and Brandon, I was sensing a lot of sexual tension between them and I have a feeling their going to be romantically involved in the next few episodes.

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Photo Credit: YOUTUBE