As much as Black Talent TV prides itself on featuring some amazing web series & short films, we also pride ourselves is being able to produce articles on some amazing up & coming singers & rappers. One of these few up & comers is an amazing rapper named Lusive. For those who do not know, the North East Bronx, NY was the starting point for Lusive. He continues to embrace hip-hop but continues to have different musical influences such as classical, blues, pop and R&B. Lusive has always enjoyed performing in front of a large mass of audience–showing the world his musical talent. He was introduced to musical instruments such as the piano and the violin, which lead to dance and writing songs. He started recording all over New York City by the age of 17 and continued to keep performing for his supporters. In all, Lusive is an artist who is ready to take over the music world and NOW is his time to shine.

He turns up the heat with his new song(produced by Sidney Leroy) entitled “Ain’t In My Way.” The song contains content relative to the Hip Hop culture as Lusive states the situations haters thrive on when the ambitious ones of the world hit minor bumps in the road. Dedication and hard work is exhibited in his lyricism as he expresses his sole importance on money. His nonchalant emotions towards others opinions dominates the track showcasing Lusive’s independence and ultimate composure. He even snippets a few lines from Dr. Dre, “Forgot About Dre,” as he raps, “Nowadays everybody wanna talk like they got something to say, But nothing comes out when they move their lips.” This track is fresh, hype and rich is flavor. Lusive is a great artist and this new song is just FIRE. YOU can hear “Ain’t In My Way” below.

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Photo Credit: SOUNDCLOUD/Lusive