After the unexpected moments that occurred in the recent episode to season two of Karlton T. Clay’s critically acclaimed web series Karma, I have been looking forward to finding out what twists & turns will be happening next. As much as I liked Hilary(Rashonda Martin-Butler) at first, I honestly think believe she’s a snake in the grass since it seems like she wants to do everything in her power to ruin Karma(Ashley Black). I believe she’s using Valerie(Natalya Johnson) & Marcus(Tyrice Lollis) to do this since they are two people who aren’t the biggest fans of Karma Jones. I feel bad for Melinda(Altina Menefee) since it looks like she’s going to have even more drama with her Carl’s son C.J.(A.J. Felton) and Derrick(Quincy Kelly). On a positive note, I foresee a romantic relationship brewing between Karma & Brandon(Courtney Gray) but I just hope he doesn’t have a secret like Jordan did.

In this episode(titled “Game Changer”), Karma and Melinda get the shock of their lives while Valerie makes another “new friend.” YOU can view the newest episode of Karma below.

The title of this episode of Karma is extremely appropriate since there were some definite game changers that I did NOT see coming. I still cannot believe some of the things I saw in this episode. From Valerie &  C.J. hooking up and Karma seeing Hilary & Marcus together to Derrick telling Melinda that THEIR SON wants to meet her, I’m looking forward to the next episode of Karma.

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Photo Credit: YOUTUBE(KarmaTheSeries/Victory Productions/Karlton T. Clay)