Even though Brandon Kyle & Pentené Woolen’s Dating Savannah Love solely focuses on Savannah(Donna Cerise), the most recent episode focused a lot on her mother, Pamela(Gayla Johnson). Pamela arrives in LA to a parking ticket while sleeping in her car but gets caught with a man by Savannah. Go ahead, mama! While her mother seems to be actively dating, Savannah is seeing a new guy—Aaron(guest star Joshua Johnson) and things seem to be looking up for Miss Banks. Is Aaron “the one” for Savannah?

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On the professional end, Savannah lost Valerie(Mandalyn Meades) as an employee due to Valerie’s new career path and hired a new assistant—Marisa(Natalin Avci). So far, Marisa & Savannah seem to hit it off and she even accompanied Savannah on her trip to Palm Springs with Savannah’s friends. Will she replace Valerie as Savannah’s best friend, too? I have a feeling it’s going to cause a bit of a rift between Savannah & Valerie. As for Derrick(A.J. Davis), he basically got rejected by Savannah but then suddenly met Linda(guest star Angelica Katie). Will Savannah be jealous when she finds out about Linda? I hope so since I still believe her and Derrick are meant for each other!

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In episode 209(“Groove Back 2.0”), Pamela explains her situation with Steven(guest star Benjamin Waters) to Savannah while Savannah’s date with Aaron is abruptly interrupted, and Derrick’s evening with Linda heats up. YOU can view this episode of Dating Savannah Love below.

In episode 210(“Two to Tango”), a disagreement between Savannah and Valerie tests their friendship and Savannah meets Aaron’s daughter who doesn’t welcome her with open arms. This episode of Dating Savannah Love guest stars Angelica Katie, Joshua Johnson, Benjamin Waters, Tatiana Lett, Susan Lucas, Freeman Lyon, Jessica Patterson, and Shivneel Singh. YOU can view this episode of Dating Savannah Love below.

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