Season three of the David Tinsley created & Beth Wallan directed web series The Marriage Tour has definitely proved that marriage takes work and sometimes it isn’t for everyone. Even though Kyle(Daren Dukes) & Laura(Tiffany Diaz) were married for a long time, it’s pretty evident that they have deep issues that are now trying to tear their marriage apart. In the most recent episode, Kyle did the chores around the house and I believe he realized that even though she doesn’t work, Laura does do a lot for Kyle. Carmen(Jade Johnson) & Andre(Jerrel O’Neal) were not on speaking terms after a comment she made during her father’s visit and it seemed like Andre was very angry at her. Luckily, they made up in the most recent episode.

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Brian(Tinsley) & Denise(Chi’Von Golden) had a rough break up at the end of season one that lasted pretty much throughout season two but things are slowly getting back to where they were before the break up. However, Denise wants to take things really slow and I commend her for that. Eddie(Keir Thirus) is still vying for Jessica’s(Lauryn Whitley) heart but hasn’t really gotten anywhere. During the most recent episode, Denise mentioned a man’s name to Jessica and whether she told Eddie about him. Does Jessica really have a new boyfriend? Why hasn’t she told Eddie?


In this episode(titled “Chuuuch!!!”), Jessica runs into Kyle while having lunch with her new boyfriend, Douglas(guest star Cedric Sanders), Langston(guest star Shaun Cobbs) pays his brother-in-law a surprise visit during his poker party, and “Chuuuch” ensues. YOU can view this episode of The Lyons Den below.

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The poker party was really hilarious! As a fan, I really enjoyed watching all of the guys together in one episode and just really saying their “truth.” I really did feel like I was in some sort of church for men who are married, have been married, or were/are thinking of marriage. In the end, it seemed like Eddie finally realized that Jessica has moved on but I have a feeling he’s still going to find a way to get Jessica back. As for Kyle, I have a feeling Langston is going to relate all of his “testimonies” to Laura.

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