While the focus of Brandon Kyle & Pentené Woolen’s Dating Savannah Love is on Savannah(Donna Cerise), there seems to be just a bit more spotlight on the other characters that are involved in Savannah’s life. Pamela’s(Gayla Johnson) move to L.A. got off to a rocky start with a parking ticket and no place to live so she ends up moving in with her daughter, Savannah. However, she might be taking things a little too far with being caught naked with another man by Savannah and then being drunk while Savannah’s on a date.


As for Derrick(A.J. Davis), he’s dating Linda(guest star Angela Katie) and it seems like things are flowing smoothly…for now. Valerie(Mandalyn Meades) is on a high with her new career but was not happy when she received no support from Savannah that led to a disagreement between the two. Savannah is dating a new man named Aaron(guest star Joshua Jackson) and things are going great. However, she meets his daughter and it wasn’t pretty. Will this be the ultimate deal breaker for her relationship with Aaron or can she somehow make his daughter like her?

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In this episode(titled “Who Are You?”), Aaron tries to get Makayla to bond with Savannah, Linda gets sneaky and has a run in with someone from her past, and Savannah gets sound advice from Marisa(Natalin Avci) and attempts to reconcile with Valerie. This episode of Dating Savannah Love guest stars Tatiana Lett, Candice Ramirez, and Sky Patterson. YOU can view this episode of Dating Savannah Love below.

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