The new season of the David Tinsley created & Beth Wallan directed The Marriage Tour has been extremely entertaining. So far, the third season is really focusing on marriages and relationships dealing with forgiveness, second chances, and family interferences. Brian(Tinsley) & Denise(Chi’Von Golden) are getting back on track but Denise wants to take things really slow. Carmen(Jade Johnson) & Andre(Jerrel O’Neal) seem to be back on each other’s good graces after she accidently insulted him. However, I have a feeling her father is going to cause even more problems for their marriage since it’s evident that he doesn’t like Andre.

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Kyle(Daren Dukes) did his homework that was given to him at the marriage counseling session he went to with Laura(Tiffany Diaz) and he realized that she really does do a lot for him. Last but not least, Eddie(Keir Thirus) is still hoping for a reconciliation with Jessica(Lauryn Whitley) even though she’s been pretty distant with texts and calls. However, in the recent episode, he finally realized that Jessica has moved on to a new man named Douglas when he came to Kyle’s house for a poker party. Will he still pursue Jessica?


In this episode(titled “Love Robbery”), Brian attempts to help Eddie steal Jessica’s heart back while also trying to get things back how they used to be with Denise, Andre is still having issues with Carmen putting her father first, and Laura and Kyle have their follow up meeting with the Marriage Counselor. YOU can view this episode of The Marriage Tour below.

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I am SO glad that Kyle & Laura are back on track with their marriage and I hope they keep things as positive as ever. As for Carmen & Andrew, they seriously need to go to marriage counseling since it seems like their good one day then not good the next. While I do respect Eddie for not standing in the way of Jessica & Douglas’ relationship, I think he should NOT give up since there is still a connection between him and Jessica. When they kissed, it was evident that Jessica still has feelings for him and I think she’s going to realize that down the road but I hope it’s not too late.

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