After a critically acclaimed and award winning first season, Docket 32357 is back for a second season with new characters, new storylines, and more twists & turns than expected. For those who don’t know, Docket 32357 is directed by Randy Wilkins and written by Eljon Wardally and season one examined the need to overcome loneliness even from the most unexpected of places and how we feel once that opportunity is squandered. In an eerily quiet courtroom hallway, Lois anxiously awaits the announcement of docket number 32357. Valerie, a successful retail buyer, rushes to take a seat along the bench we find Lois sitting on. The ominous voice that bellows from the speaker inspires a conversation between Lois and Valerie. As the two women grow more comfortable they realize their meeting is anything, but by chance. What the two women discover will change their lives moving forward.

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Season two of Docket 32357 follows a high profile case that gives Alex Batista, a gifted lawyer, the rare opportunity to ascend to the elite in his profession and he is willing to achieve victory at any cost. Docket 32357 is currently conducting a campaign through Seed & Spark and every donation will be greatly appreciated to help create a fantastic second season! All contributions ARE tax deductible and if you would like to donate, visit the campaign HERE!

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