Accusations, arguments, and a whole lot of shade are in store for Zachariyah ProductionsThe Inner Circle: Texas, which is a combination of the critically acclaimed The Inner Circle: Houston & The Inner Circle: Dallas. Houston alum Christopher Coleman returns alongside the Dallas crew—Khristina Calloway, Kayla Cory, Darius Hunter, and Edgar Garcia. Joining the gang is newcomer Candice McCoy and series creator Zachariyah “Zachary” O’Neal, as well as Houston’s Erica Wilson & London Owens in a recurring status, alongside Latoya “Toya” Williams, another newcomer.

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The Inner Circle: Texas premiered last week and it was nothing short of intense! The drama began within the first few minutes when Zachary held a pre-production meeting with the Houston side of the cast but only Erica & Toya were present. On the phone, London reveals that he didn’t show up due to drama with Toya. Yikes! In Dallas, Kayla pays Edgar a visit where he reveals that he’s been financially cut off by his parents and is unsure about what will happen next. Later, Darius’ talk with Zachary about his portrayal during season one of The Inner Circle: Dallas quickly turns sour. Uh oh!

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In this episode(titled “Mouths of The South”), Darius meets up with Candice to get her up to speed on the Dallas side of the cast, Zachary fills London in on his conversation with Darius, Toya has a talk with Shanique “Shay” Byron about her incident with London at Shay’s party, and Edgar hangs out with Chris.  YOU can view this episode of The Inner Circle: Texas below. 

Despite JUST being introduced, I have a feeling that Candice is going to be a great addition to the cast. Darius definitely gave her the lowdown on the other cast members in Dallas so I hope she can be cool with everyone but with any reality show, that most likely won’t happen. As for Chris, I’m ecstatic to see him mingling with Edgar and actually seeing the integration of both casts. As always, Chris isn’t afraid to speak his mind and it looks like he’s going to SERIOUSLY butt heads with Darius. Despite not actually seeing footage of Shay’s party, I’m sure it was extremely dramatic from Shay’s conversation with Toya. I really hope Toya & London can somehow squash this beef before it gets any worse!


While this episode was great, I’m really looking forward to the next episode to see Zachary, Chris, Edgar, Darius, Kayla, Candice, and Khristina together! For some reason, I can already tell that it’s going to be nothing short of fireworks! Also, for fans of Zachariyah Productions, a new city was JUST added to The Inner Circle franchise—The Inner Circle: Chicago! The new installment will premiere sometime in 2016 and creator Zachariyah O’Neal is partnering up with Tristian Hendrix(Hustle, Loyalty, Respect: Chicago) for the new show so I know it’s going to be nothing short of perfection!

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