Things are seriously heating up in season three of Karlton T. Clay’s critically acclaimed web series, Karma! In the most recent episode, Julius(Nick Reese) runs away and Melinda(Altina Menefee) & Derrick(Quincy Kelly) go on a search for him. However, they fail to realize that he actually went to Melinda’s house and ends up revealing that he’s her son to her husband, Carl(Cedric Johnson). Busted! Valerie(Natalya Johnson) & C.J.’s(A.J. Felton) romance hits a snag when Jordan(Roderquize Chandler) walks in on them in bed and sparks the revelation that C.J. only talked to Valerie because Hilary(guest star Rashonda Martin-Butler) paid him to do it. What?!

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Even though Brandon(Courtney Gray) is with Layla(Kiara C. Bennett), he still can’t stop thinking and talking about Karma Jones(guest star Ashley Black) and Layla is noticing more & more. In L.A., Derrick’s sister Kellie(Shatareia Stokes) is still unsure about accepting a proposal from her boyfriend and Terrence(guest star Terrence Williams) & Marcus(guest star Tyrice Lollis) finally realize that they both have been dating Hilary. Double busted!


In this episode(titled “Say All I Need Is The Air I Breathe and A Place To Rest My Head”), Brandon faces an internal battle while Kellie makes a bold move and Valerie gets a surprise visit. This episode of Karma guest stars Terrence Williams, Tarynn Stineman, and Samuel Lee Fudge, as well as featuring special appearances by Marquise Wilson(Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper) & Vanessa Verduga(Justice Women). YOU can view this episode of Karma below.

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I love the drama, romances, and crazy antics occurring during this season of Karma! Even though I still believe Brandon & Karma are perfect for each other, I think it’s sad that he’s still with Layla when he knows that he has strong feelings for Karma. I think he should just end his relationship with her and go to L.A. to see Karma. As for Kellie, I congratulate her for sticking to her guns and not accepting Antwon’s(Wilson) proposal until she’s ready. However, I’m worried her stay in Augusta is going to produce some tense moments with Melinda and I already can see Kellie linking up with C.J. to expose her! While I think it’s great that Jordan’s brother came to visit Valerie, I think it’s pretty obvious that they have a romantic connection and I am NOT here for it. Don’t do it, Valerie!

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