The tides are consistently changing between the main characters in season three of Karlton T. Clay’s critically acclaimed web series Karma! In the most recent episode, Brandon(Courtney Gray) clearly still has feelings for Karma Jones(guest star Ashley Black) since he watches old episodes of their talk show and even daydreams about her. However, this is quickly becoming a BIG problem for his girlfriend Layla(Kiara C. Bennett) and I’m sure her breaking point is going to be sooner than later. As for Melinda(Altina Menefee), her life drastically changed when Julius(Nick Reese) ran away from his home with Derrick(Quincy Kelly) and ended up knocking on Melinda’s door. However, Carl(Cedric Johnson) answered the door and forced Melinda’s two worlds to come together. Unfortunately, Melinda’s relationship with C.J.(A.J. Felton) is still hostile and he even tried to get Julius to reveal her recent romantic rendezvous with Derrick.

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On top of trying to ruin Melinda’s life, C.J. is going through his own troubles after Jordan(Roderquize Chandler) revealed to Valerie(Natalya Johnson) that he personally knew Hilary(guest star Rashonda Martin-Butler) and it resulted in a break up with Valerie. Uh oh! Fortunately for Valerie, Jordan’s brother Jeremy(guest star Samuel Lee Fudge) decided to visit and it was clear that the two have intense chemistry! While in L.A., Kellie(Shatareia Stokes) remained unsure about whether or not to accept Antwon’s(guest star Marquise Wilson) proposal but after some thought, she denied it and flew back to Augusta to see Derrick. For some reason, I have a feeling there’s going to be some drama occurring between her and Melinda.

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In episode 305(titled “And Around Around, And Around Around, And Around Around We Go”), while Derrick forces Kellie to face the truth, Valerie battles her feelings for C.J. and Brandon seems to still be holding on to the past. This episode of Karma guest stars Imani Jarrett, Tarynn Stineman, and Patrice Walker. YOU can view this episode of Karma below.

In episode 306(titled “Black Boy Fly”), C.J. deals with the battle between his mother and his woman while Valerie makes a startling discovery about Jeremy. This episode of Karma guest stars Ashley Black, Samuel Lee Fudge, Tarynn Stineman, and Patrice Walker. YOU can view this episode of Karma below.

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