Season three of Karlton T. Clay’s critically acclaimed web series Karma continues to flourish with exciting storylines, new characters, and shocking revelations! Up to now, Kellie(Shatareia Stokes) basically denied Antwon’s(guest star Marquise Wilson) proposal and left L.A. to go to Augusta in support of her brother, Derrick(Quincy Kelly). Despite Julius(Nick Reese) running away and causing worry for Derrick & Melinda(Altina Menefee), things seem to be looking up for this unconventional family since the truth was revealed to Melinda’s husband, Carl(Cedric Johnson). Unfortunately, Kellie and Carl’s son C.J.(A.J. Felton) seem to want nothing more than to ruin this happy union between Melinda, Derrick, and Julius. Will they sabotage any possibility of Julius having Melinda in his life?

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Even though she’s in L.A., Karma Jones’(guest star Ashley Black) presence is still apparent in Augusta as Brandon(Courtney Gray) seems to still be in love with her despite his relationship with Layla(Kiara C. Bennett). What’s worse is that Layla wants to progress the relationship with Brandon meeting her parents and it’s obvious that he’s not okay with that. Will he finally admit to Layla and even himself that he is in love with Karma Jones?

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After starting the season with her divorce to Jordan(Roderquize Chandler) set in stone, Valerie’s(Natalya Johnson) romance with C.J. continued to bloom…until Jordan revealed that C.J. knew Hillary before ever meeting her. On top of that, C.J.’s mom came back and made Valerie realize that she’s got to move on. Is she really over C.J.? Will she move on to Jordan’s visiting brother, Jeremy(guest star Samuel Lee Fudge)?

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In episode 307(titled “You Wanna Be On Top”), Layla tries to steer Brandon in her direction, but her persistence could push Brandon towards something or someone else and Jeremy makes his move on Valerie. This episode guest stars Imani Jarrett, Janae Dotson, Terry Newsome, and Samuel Lee Fudge. YOU can view this episode of Karma below.

In episode 308(titled “Truth Hurts”), Valerie and Jeremy try to move past their “awkward moment” and while Kellie has her eyes on Brandon, Layla faces the inevitable. This episode guest stars Vanessa Verduga(Justice Woman), Terrence Williams, Nakita Cleare, and Fudge. YOU can view this episode of Karma below.

Wow—things are really happening in Augusta and it isn’t all pretty! While I think Kellie was right for going with her gut instinct with Antwon, I think she’s going too far with trying to find some way to move on through any kind of possible romance with Brandon. As for Brandon, I think he needs to be 100% honest as far as his feelings for Layla since I see them diminishing with every new episode but I believe his reaction to Layla’s question of whether he’s in love with Karma Jones is pretty much all the proof she needs! I can’t believe Jordan is with yet another woman while ignoring his brother’s calls! Does he not care about his brother? On a brighter note, I really love seeing Carl interact with Julius since its progress for this unconventional family. Hopefully nothing(or no one) interferes with that!

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