This season of Zachariyah ProductionsThe Inner Circle: Texas is slowly coming to an end and the drama is JUST heating up! So far, it seems like Christopher Coleman’s presence in Dallas is quickly becoming a problem for some cast members. After hearing information about Edgar Garcia from Shaynique “Shay” Byron, he decided to share the news with Candice McCoy. However, the conversation turned disastrous and quickly forced the two to become enemies. In addition to Candice, there is obvious drama between Chris & Darius Hunter and I have a feeling it’s going to come to a head REAL soon.

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At Candice’s pool party, it was apparent that time did not heal all wounds between Edgar & Khristina Calloway and the two are still at odds. Also, Zachariyah “Zachary” O’Neal’s conversation with Darius was a little rough but at least the two came to some sort of restoration. Despite all of this, the pool party eventually turned into an all eyes on Edgar event with most of the cast questioning his behavior and even questioning Kayla Cory for bringing him. #PoolPartyFromHell

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Not too long after, Edgar brings together Darius & Kayla to hopefully hash out their differences. Unfortunately, Kayla isn’t ready to forgive Darius after what happened during The Inner Circle: Dallas. Back in Houston, the tension is still thick between Latoya “Toya” Williams & London Owens and even Erica Wilson met up with Toya to find out what’s going on between the two. As a result, London’s been physically gone from the show but his absence won’t be for long. #DontCallItAComeback


In episode 105(titled “F-You, Goodbye”), Darius & Kayla meet up to talk, Zachary visits Mama Trice after hearing about a fight she had with Shay that turned physical, Candice decides to talk to Edgar, and Chris’ conversation with Darius turns into a disaster. YOU can view this episode of The Inner Circle: Texas below.

In episode 106(titled “Public Enemy No. 1”), Candice fills Khristina in on all of the drama going on with Chris & Edgar, Zachary visits London to inform him that some of the Dallas cast met up with his Production Assistant, Erica pops up in Dallas to meet up with Darius & Candice, and Edgar confronts Chris about what Candice told him. YOU can view this episode of The Inner Circle: Texas below.

What is going on with this cast?! There is SO much drama! From Chris & Darius to Edgar & Candice and everything in between, this season if The Inner Circle: Texas is INSANE! I have a feeling that things are going to come to blows with between Zachary, London, and most of the Dallas cast sooner than later.

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