After eight amazing episodes, season three of Karlton T. Clay’s critically acclaimed web series Karma is coming to an end with its final two episodes. With exciting storylines, new characters, and shocking revelations, season three of Karma proved to be one phenomenal web series. Melinda(Altina Menefee) started off this season basically cheating on her husband, Carl(Cedric Johnson), with her ex, Derrick(Quincy Kelly). Not long after, she stopped sleeping with Derrick to focus on her marriage and he was heartbroken. Unfortunately for Melinda, her & Derrick’s son Julian(Nick Reese) decided to pay his mother a visit and force Carl to meet Derrick & Julian.

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The romance between CJ(A.J. Felton) & Valerie(Natalya Johnson) quickly fumbled when Jordan(Roderquize Chandler), not too long after finalizing his divorce with Valerie, revealed that CJ knew Hilary(guest star Rashonda Martin-Butler) before she & Valerie met him at the bar last season. In the mean time, CJ focused on continually finding ways to ruin Melinda’s life after finding out about her, Derrick, and Julian. As for Valerie, she gets an unexpected visit from Jeremy(guest star Samuel Lee Fudge), Jordan’s brother, and enjoys some one-on-one time with him. However, he believes that the two have chemistry and goes in for a kiss but doesn’t get the reaction he expected.

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After telling Karma Jones(guest star Ashley Black) to “go be great” last season, Brandon(Courtney Gray) entered into a relationship with Layla(Kiara C. Bennett). Unfortunately, Layla seems to be moving the relationship at a fast pace and Brandon isn’t necessarily ready for that. On top of that, he is still in love with Karma Jones and Layla is slowly but surely realizing that she is NOT the one who Brandon wants to be with.

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Along with Layla, Kellie(Shatareia Stokes) is another new character added to the show and it’s revealed that she’s Derrick’s sister. She started off this season of Karma in a relationship with Antwon(guest star Marquise Wilson) and while she loved him, she still refused to marry him even though he asked her multiple times. After being asked one final time, Kellie decided to leave Antwon in Los Angeles and head to Augusta to see Derrick & Julian. Her presence resulted in a tense moment with Melinda and a semi-hook up with Brandon. However, she couldn’t go through with hooking up with Brandon because she realized her heart still lies with Antwon.

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Six months after Terrence(guest star Terrence Williams) fired Karma Jones from The 411 show, it was revealed that Hilary stole the show from him to get her own show. However, things became tense when both Terrence & Marcus(guest star Tyrice Lollis) realized that they were both dating Hilary. Yikes!

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In episode 309(titled “Tell Me”), Melinda surprises Carl and, while Kellie searches within for what she wants, Layla makes Brandon face his true feelings. This episode of Karma guest stars Marquise Wilson, Imani Jarrett, and Ashley Black. YOU can view this episode of Karma below.

In the season finale(titled “Breathe”), everyone begins working towards finding some type of resolution to their individual situations, but for some, those actions could lead to new problems. This episode of Karma also features Marquise Wilson, Saint Abia Williams, Tyrice Lollis, Terrence Williams, Tarynn Stineman, Imani Jarrett, Christina Ramsey, Maurice Charthern, Patrice Walker, and Samuel Lee Fudge. YOU can view the season finale of Karma below.

These final two episodes were amazing but definitely a bit heartbreaking. As an advocate for the romance between Brandon & Karma Jones, it definitely would’ve been great to see them admit their feelings face to face and start a romantic relationship. However, it looks like more drama is going to spill over into next season(IF THERE IS A NEXT SEASON) with Layla sleeping with Brandon’s best friend. Come on, man! Bro code! As for Terrence, it seems like he’s shocked to find out that he has a daughter…or does he? Hmm…is this the work of Hilary? Is this karma for firing Karma Jones and giving the show to Hilary? I have a feeling Terrence is going to have an even bigger storyline now for next season and I am excited to watch.

As for the positives, I’m so glad that Kellie & Antwon are back on track and even CJ for taking the big step to propose to Valerie. I truly believe she just might say yes and next season there might be a wedding. However, I have a strong feeling that the wedding bliss will be put on hold when she finds out that Jordan’s been shot and Jeremy calls her for support. Last but not least, Melinda needs to STOP ignoring her feelings and go be with Derrick & Julian. As for Carl, I think he’s playing with fire by sleeping with his ex-wife because she just might want him back and it’ll create an even more intense situation between him, Melinda, and Derrick. With all of the craziness that happened in the season finale, I really hope Karlton T. Clay renewed the show for season four that I’m sure will be just as amazing, if not better, than this season.

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