After a season full of arguments, scandals, and SO MUCH shade, Zachariyah ProductionsThe Inner Circle: Texas is coming to an end! During this season of #InnerCircleTX, Dallas became home to The Inner Circle: Houston alum Christopher Coleman and even though some of The Inner Circle: Dallas cast members were welcoming, others necessarily weren’t. Edgar Garcia started off the season revealing to Kayla Cory that he’s been financially cut off by his parents and is unsure about what’s next.

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At new cast member Candice McCoy’s pool party, there was clearly tension between Chris & Darius Hunter and it came to a disastrous head later on during the season. Additionally, there was tension between Darius & series creator Zachariyah “Zachary” O’Neal at the pool party due to a not so nice conversation about Darius’ portrayal during #InnerCircleDAL that turned into an argument. Also, despite all of the drama they went through during season one of #InnerCircleDAL, there was still no love lost between Edgar & Khristina Calloway. However, much of the spotlight during the pool party was on Edgar and most of the cast questioning his behavior as well as Kayla for bringing him to the party.

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Later on, the drama continued when recurring cast member Shaynique “Shay” Byron revealed some information about Edgar to Chris and he relayed the information to Candice. Unfortunately, this sparked a confrontation between Candice & Edgar. Furthermore, Zachary was brought into the drama when Candice accused him to stating that Edgar needs an intervention and Zachary disputes her claim. To make things worse, Zachary caught word that Candice & Darius were trying to get him off the show and he was NOT happy. Also, Edgar & Darius let bygones be bygones after their drama during season one of #InnerCircleDAL and, in return, Edgar tried to repair the friendship between Darius & Kayla. Despite his attempt, Kayla isn’t ready to forgive and move on just yet.

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In Houston, things started off rocky from the beginning when Zachary held a pre-production meeting for the cast members in H-Town and while Erica Wilson & new girl Latoya “Toya” Williams showed up, London Owens did not! It was then revealed that there was tension between Toya & London and Erica tried to figure out the reason why. Shay held a party and while it wasn’t shown on camera, the party resulted in drama between Toya & London. #DRAMAx1000

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In episode 107(titled “The Blame Game”), Candice & Darius catch each other up on all the drama that’s occurred, Chris calls London to apologize, and things don’t go as planned when Edgar, Candice, and Zachary meet up to talk. YOU can view this episode of The Inner Circle: Texas below.

In the season finale(titled “The Battle of Texas”), Toya fills Chris in on her drama with London and the s*** literally hits the fan between Zachary & Darius in Dallas and Toya & London in Houston. YOU can view this episode of The Inner Circle: Texas below.

OH. MY. GOODNESS! These final two episodes were INSANE! I cannot believe what happened between Zachary & Darius but it really was expected after all the drama they had this season. As for Toya & London, I just feel like they’re never going to see eye to eye and will always be at odds. However, I hope these four can really work their issues out because Zachariyah Productions has renewed The Inner Circle: Houston & The Inner Circle: Dallas for new seasons! While the casts of both shows have yet to be revealed, I’ve been told that fans should expect some surprises. Could this mean previous cast members are returning, such as #InnerCircleHOU alums Tenaiah President & Ashton Bess? Are there going to be more new additions than returning cast members for both shows? I guess we’ll have to find out when The Inner Circle: Houston & The Inner Circle: Dallas return later on this year. Also, be on the lookout for The Inner Circle: Chicago to premiere sometime this year as well.

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