Recently, a new web series hit the internet a few days before Christmas and is already making a gaining critical acclaim. Created, written, and produced by Katrina Smith-Jackson, Shrink is a U.K. drama web series that follows cognitive behavior therapist, Natasha Charlton(Vanessa Donovan), as she battles her own secret fight with depression, the pain of her secretive past, and the intertwining lives of her clients. The diversity concept of Natasha being a middle class black woman is very important as she embodies a class and race that often shuns the legitimacy of mental health conditions, and there is a disturbing lack of organic representations of flawed but strong women on screen.

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Season one of Shrink explores storylines of depression linked to the post-traumatic stress of child-on-child sexual abuse, student stress, unemployment, workplace bullying, black girlhood & colourism, plus perceived masculinity & male body image. Directed by Trish M. Chanda, this Auteur Vision Media production also stars Mike Waller and features Stacey Ghent & Kwame Bentil. Lead actress Vanessa Donovan also serves as Associate Producer for Shrink along with Darren Oderinde. Check out the official trailer for Shrink below.

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In the series premiere(titled “The Underwear Rule”), viewers are introduced to Natasha and while she helps a client, it’s obvious that she has struggles of her own. YOU can view this episode of Shrink below and be sure to check out the rest of season one by clicking HERE.

After watching the series premiere of Shrink, I have to admit that it reminded me a lot of the 2013 Bravo docu-series L.A. Shrinks, which followed the professional and personal lives of three Los Angeles shrinks. The show definitely raised questions of whether or not these shrinks should even be helping clients if their personal lives are also in shambles. Similarly, Natasha is fighting her own demons all the while trying to remain an exceptional therapist to her clients. It’s pretty obvious that Natasha has a rough past that is making her take medication and excessively drinks and I’m really eager to find out what happened to her. Does her past have to include an ex lover, friend, or family member? Is this the reason she decided to become a therapist? Will she confront the past over the course of the season to fully heal herself? I guess all will be revealed after watching the rest of the season by clicking HERE.

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Photo Credit: Katrina Smith-Jackson/YouTube(SHRINK TV)