Even though 4/20 has passed, there’s a new web series that will keep up the “high” long after and this project is called Kush Café. Created and written by Nicole Kearney, Kush Café focuses on “Renee, a former corporate executive” who “quits her job to open a cannabis café” and thinks “being her own boss mixed with her enjoyment of weed would make her life stress free…Then along come her eclectic regulars, an always there, edibles loving, free-spirit who says whatever comes to mind, annoying both the patrons and owner.”


Some of Renee’s regulars include “her flirtatious grower/supplier who harbors a one-way crush on the owner has an incredible green thumb that keeps business flowing. A grad student who gets paranoid when she’s high and she’s always high, citing her need to do research for her dissertation about marijuana and needs to be regularly cut off from smoking. And a smart-ass, successful entrepreneur and the grower’s business partner who dislikes having to buy his stash from the cafe like everyone else. Daily their eccentricities and personalities collide as they smoke, socialize and stay meddling in each other’s lives bonded by sense of community and their enjoyment of marijuana.” Sounds interesting, huh?


Directed by Daniel Martin, Kufe Café stars Dena Toler, Banza Townse, Lisa Kwon, Jocque Carey, and Martin himself, as well as Joshua Blanton, Kevin Alexander, and Mayra Robbins. I think this show is fantastic! Similar to when alcohol can bring people together, I believe marijuana can do the same and produce some interesting conversations among the people involved. It seems as though this main group likes to come together a lot and chaos ensues. To be completely honest, Kush Café could be like a newer version of The View or The Real with men implemented into the cast…and marijuana! Check out episode one of Kush Café below and be sure to view more episodes by clicking HERE.

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