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Even though some individuals say that avoiding an ex lover is easy to do, it’s easier said than done when you run into your ex over and over again—which is what happens to the main characters in the Bridgett Michele Lawrence written, directed, and produced web series The Value of Ex. For those who aren’t familiar with the show, The Value of Ex follows “the misadventures of a group of college friends as they struggle to navigate the murky waters between breaking up and moving on. When the curve balls of life cause them to cross paths with men from their past, they must determine whether to give love a second chance or close the door forever.” Season one of The Value of Ex garnered much critical acclaim and even screened at numerous festivals such as the American Black Film Festival, Hollyweb Fest and the Raindance Web Festival in London. Also, the show was recently picked up for distribution by the new online streaming service KweliTV.

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Season one of The Value of Ex introduced fans to a group of friends who “struggle to navigate the murky waters between breaking up and moving on”—Brynne, Tyler, Jessica, and Angela. Brynne is “the analytical math teacher who in a moment of temporary insanity, asks her fiancé to walk her down the aisle on her wedding day” while Tyler is the corporate diva who loses her promotion to her ex. #BurnedByTheEx. Jessica is “the sassy physical therapist who becomes roomies with her pro baller ex” while Angela is “the relationship therapist who is apparently so good at what she does that even her ex husband comes to her for advice.” Check out the season one trailer to The Value of Ex below and watch the episodes HERE.

After a fantastic first season, the show is back for a sophomore season that will find “our heroines getting further involved with their old flames, thus complicating their personal and professional lives and leaving them to question, what  is the value of my ex is?” as well as introduce “some new and surprising revelations” for the main characters. Uh oh—who’s going to be pregnant? Who going to elope? Back for season two of The Value of Ex are Tamara Goodwin(Cleaver Family Reunion), Julienne Irons(Life’s Passing Me By), Constance Reece(A Big Love Story), Welton Thomas Pitchford(Everything I Did Wrong in My 20s), Roger Payano(Me, You, & Him), Michael Q. Davis(Love Don’t Cost A Thing), and David Spates(In Too Deep). New to the cast this season is Amaris Davison(Black and Sexy TV’s The Process) as Brynne, formerly played by Donnabella Mortel(Retail).

Before season two is ready to WOW fans, Lawrence recently launched an Indiegogo campaign for the second season that has some amazing perks! Some of the perks for donating certain amounts include a shout out on the show’s social media accounts and even exclusive previews of the first few episodes The Value of Ex season two! If you would like one(or all) of these perks or just want to help the progress of season two, DONATE to The Value of Ex season two Indiegogo campaign HERE.

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