If you’re a fan of critically acclaimed films like Misery and Fatal Attraction, then you will definitely love this exciting short film called Disillusion. Directed by James M. Perry, Disillusion focuses on Rachel Thorn as she sets a beautiful evening dinner to celebrate her new restaurant. She invites her lover Marcus Hill over to share the moment but Rachel has other delicacies to serve him. This thrilling short film stars Nicolette Ellis(Situationships), Valerie Brookshire, and David Kenneth Sommerville(Love Cycle: Beautiful Mistake), who also wrote the project along with Perry.


Even though Ellis was fantastic as Robyn in Situationships, she outdoes herself as Rachel in Disillusion! In my opinion, she made the character seem even crazier than she is while simultaneously making it apparent that Rachel’s behavior stems from Marcus’ past infidelities. Sommerville was amazing in the short film since he made Marcus relate to any individual who could possibly be in this situation. Like Marcus, I would have been relating to Rachel in any way I could to make her stop and calm down. On another note, Disillusion is Perry’s directorial debut and I honestly believe he did a tremendous job. YOU can check out James M. Perry’s reel by clicking HERE.

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Photo Credit: Facebook(Disillusion)