A new web series is joining the Black Talent TV family and it’s one centered on the hometown of the Ravens football team, Baltimore. Created, produced, and directed by Jolie East-Miji, B-City is a dramedy that follows four childhood friends(Brandon, Tone, Pritti, and C.J.) living in Baltimore City as they carry out their everyday lives and relationships through hysterical and sometimes complex situations. Each character has their own unique personality that seems to get them in and out of predicaments ranging from love, family drama, and life changes. All in all, the guys are always there for each other.

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After watching the first three episodes, I do believe this show is like a male version of Girlfriends mixed with the quirkiness of Shameless! In other words, this show is great! The first episode is a great introduction to how funny and interesting the show can be, such as Brandon’s(Mandela “Manny Be” Brown) date with Bre(Janay Jackson). I could not stop laughing when I saw Brandon’s reaction to what was in the bathtub because I would’ve said and thought the same thing. The only difference, I would’ve tried to be a little more smoother in leaving. Besides Brown, B-City also stars Chris DeBord as Tone, Richey Wiser as C.J., and Michael De Granada as Pritti.

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In the first episode(titled “What’s In The Tea?”), after meeting online, Brandon, an inner city high school teacher, and Bre, a defense lawyer finally have time to go on their first ever date to the Reginald F. Lewis Museum. Bre, impressed with Brandon decides to invite him back to her house. Things start off calm, but take a crazy turn when Brandon realizes Bre is more into him than he thought. Check out the first episode below and view more episodes of B-City by clicking HERE.

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Photo Credit: Jolie East-Miji/B-City