Anyone who really knows me should know that I like projects in the horror & mystery/thriller genre and The Hackman seems right up my alley. Directed by Tra Verdejo & Silk White, The Hackman is a web series that follows “an ex-con from Baltimore who is released from prison and because of his criminal record, he’s working an off the book job. He’s driving around picking up fares in the streets of Baltimore, called ‘Hacking.’ It so happens around the same time he started driving, females were being raped, beaten and murdered. The police department thinks he’s a suspect but they can’t prove it.” Written by Verdejo, The Hackman stars Eric Brown, Eryeka Berry, Nelson Irizarry, and William Kearney.

After watching the first episode of The Hackman, I have to admit that I became an instant fan. The web series manages to seamlessly mix suspense, mystery, crime, and a bit of action. On top of that, I love a good whodunit project that keeps you guessing until the very end. With two more episodes checked off my watch list, I have a guess as to who “the hackman” is. However, I have a feeling I might be wrong in my choice since I know there’s going to be so many twists & turns.


In the first episode of The Hackman, the ex-con is introduced and while he seems very innocent, I’ve learned to not rule out anyone in a whodunit because the one person you didn’t think was responsible for the crimes is usually the one doing them. Episode one featured King William Juelz, Renee “The Barbie of Comedy” Brooks, Iyana Stokes, Lakeia Queen, Monice Harkless, Ferrari Freddie, Tee Tee Wilson, Tycarra “Diamond” Thomas, Robert Morris, Everett Washington, Chad Pettit, Brian Foreman, Bernard Lesane, Jennie Semies, Andreanna Carlos, and Tra Verdejo & Silk White themselves. Watch episode one of The Hackman below and view more episodes by clicking HERE.

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Photo Credit: Tra Verdejo/The Hackman