From Charlie’s Angels to Birds of Prey, there have been a slew of all-female superhero teams and another group to be added to the list is cheerleaders! Created by filmmaker B.J. Lewis, Cheerleader Karate School is a web series that follows cheerleaders who have to save the world when evil threatens the world. In other words, the perky chicks with their roundhouse kicks are going to save the world. #SomebodyHelpUs

Lewis “is never one to avoid putting strong female characters in the lead role and had that in mind as he assembled his cast of actors, which include many with years of legit martial arts experience to go along with formidable acting chops.” He wanted a project that “was a blend of some of his favorite kinds of series, ones that blend action, drama and great characters.” Cheerleader Karate School stars Summer Dobozy, Gabriella Corvina, Timylle Adams, Christina Rejcek, and Kalei Lozano.


As a fan of action and even films including karate, I think Cheerleader Karate School is fantastic. When one thinks of a hero, the first few that come to mind are policemen and fire fighters but not really cheerleaders. However, times have changed and the cheerleaders in this web series are going to do their best to save to world. Judging from the teaser, it looks like they’ll be able to do the job. Check out the teaser to Cheerleader Karate School below and watch the first episode via Amazon Prime by clicking HERE.

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Photo Credit: JohnnyB_The Shooter/B.J. Lewis/Cheerleader Karate School