As many know and understand, life has its own complications. With all the good moments that life can provide, there’s also bad moments that can complicate one’s life. For the characters in the new web series Complexities, their complications aren’t ones that can be easily swept under the rug. Written, produced, and directed by Courtni Saizon, Complexities “centers around a savvy young businesswoman and Branding guru named Stephanie Jones-Martinez(Laci Broussard). Stephanie is a successful woman in her own right married to a loving, but slightly rough around the edges doctor named Michael Martinez(Pedro Fontaine). Stephanie seems to have it all however she is restless and longs for something else.”


According to Saizon, viewers of the Fragile Wildflower Production “get to explore Stephanie’s world, from her drive and ambition, her relationship with her husband Michael, and her relationship with her boyfriend. Yes that’s right, her boyfriend. You also meet others in Stephanie’s world, such as her best friend Grace(Tessa Stokes) who is going through some transitions of her own, and we’re introduced to someone from Stephanie’s past who shows up unexpectedly much to Stephanie’s dismay.”

After watching the first episode of Complexities, I could not wait to watch the next two episodes! Saizon manages to blend a good amount of drama with some mystery thrown in there as far as Stephanie’s dream is concerned. I’m very interested in seeing what happens between Stephanie & Michael and Stephanie & James Smith(Channing Jackson), the man at the end of the first episode. I have a feeling things are only going to get more COMPLEX from here on out!


Check out the trailer for Complexities below and be sure to view every episode of the web series by clicking HERE.

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