As far as relationships are concerned, trust is a major factor that can either make or break the union. In the short film Feels Like Euphoria, Monica and Lisa decide to take their relationship to the next level despite one’s patience and sexuality becoming in question. According to writer/director James Perry, Feels Like Euphoria wanted to “showcase diversity, not only as in race but also in film.” While this is a LGBT short film, Perry states that the film is “about love, trust and passion.” The project stars Venus Dana, Pirina Dzhupanova, Marie Zoumanigiu, Gypsy Rose, and Elroy Martinez, Jr.

After viewing a some clips, I think Feels Like Euphoria will be a fantastic short film. While it’s evident that the two main characters are women in a relationship with each other, Perry did a great job at not focusing too much on that. While watching each clip, I forgot that I was watching a lesbian relationship and felt like I was watching a project about a relationship. Besides that, the cinematography is very distinctive as it made me feel like I was another person in the room with the main characters.

While Perry might be a new name to most, I’ve been a fan of his since Disillusion, another one of his short films. He’s a fantastic filmmaker who obviously takes the appropriate time in picking the correct projects to shoot. While Disillusion opened my eyes to the dangers of breaking ones heart, I believe Feels Like Euphoria will simply spotlight the struggles that relationships can endure.

Check out three clips from Feels Like Euphoria below and be sure to view more projects from Perry by clicking HERE.

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Photo Credit: James Perry/Instagram