Each year, a slew of new artists try to make their mark in the music industry and one artist to keep your eye on is SEMU. East African born and New York raised, SEMU has traveled the world with his music. He’s collaborated, co-written, and co-produced with ambitious artists coast to coast. In addition, he’s a two time performer on BET and other Viacom networks(Music Choice), and is part of the group The Trips. Some of his early projects range from 2012 with SEMU and Charge It 2 the Game in 2013.

Recently, SEMU has released his newest project, Blue, which features other amazing talent like Master Krafter, Tafari, Beans, and Jae Nicole. Blue contains eight tracks that begin with an intro that instantly pulls you in. Over a somber beat, SEMU talks then sings about a moment of “Grief” in his life. The next few tracks, such as “Pull Up,” definitely prove that SEMU can easily make radio worthy music for listeners to dance to. “Fine One” finds SEMU praising one beautiful woman who does many things, including washing his back and “throwing it down in the kitchen.”

Next, SEMU takes on French Montana’s “Unforgettable” with his own mix alongside Master Krafter & Jae Nicole. Despite other artists like Dave East and PnB Rock putting their own spin on “Unforgettable” and killing it, SEMU’s Umix version is just as great! Last but not least, Blue’s bonus track is “ASAP” and it’s a great final track to keep listeners bopping their heads up and down or even dancing.

Download SEMU’s Blue by visiting Audiomack, as well as listening below, and be sure to check him & The Trips’ newest project, Dutch Masters, by clicking HERE.

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Photo Credit: Instagram(SEMULIFE)