With 2018 quickly approaching, there are still a few web festivals to attend in 2017 and one planning to close this year with a bang is the U.K. Web Fest. For those who haven’t heard, the U.K. Web Fest is currently in its third year and consists of a full day of screenings, panel talks, networking with drinks, awards, and much more. The festival is unique in that “it gives back 10% of its submission proceeds to schools that teach film education but may be lacking in certain equipment. The festival also has a £500 cash prize which is awarded by the Industry Panel selected in the current year.” For the 2017 U.K. Web Fest, countries such as USA, Canada, Lebanon, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand plus more are represented. Tickets for the 2017 U.K. Web Fest can be purchased HERE.

In other news, there are rumors of a new web series festival coming soon! Rumor has it that this is the brain child of African business women and producer Monica Y. Dee, founder of U.K. Web Fest, and Jett Garrison of Six Two Creative, who is also a returning U.K. Web Fest judge since 2015, based in Los Angeles.

Monica, who champions diversity and inclusion in film and the work place, feels that there is a need for BAME(black, Asian, minority, ethnic) businesses to be set up. Along with Jett, who champions LGBT films, this new web festival will show all the hall marks of being a unique festival bringing together the minorities in these sectors. California currently has two main stream web fests only and Monica & Jett plan aim to add another one to the mix with the West Coast Web Fest.

While we wait for further updates on the West Coast Web Fest, view more information on the 2017 U.K. Web Fest by clicking HERE.

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Photo Credit: Facebook(U.K. Web Fest)