From Sex and The City to Living Single, there’s many classic series focusing on the trials and tribulations of a close group of women and another project added to the list is Fk’d Up & Fabulous. Created by Kaili Y. Turner, Fk’d Up & Fabulous is an upcoming web series that has the glamour of Sex and The City and the raunchiness of Chewing Gum with Brooklyn as their backdrop. Love(Turner), Alana(Alexis Braxton), Koral(Katie Mack), Julia(Kim Rios Lin), and Yaya(Javana Mundy) are taking on real life and love in a becoming gentrified Brooklyn and when life goes from fk’d up to fabulous in a New York minute, girlfriends should be there by your side. These five women of color are coming to slay.

In addition of Turner serving as creator & lead writer, the rest of the production team are Fari Nzinga as Co-Writer, Michael Baldwin as Unit Producer and Martin Balaguer as the Assistant Director. Recently, the Fk’d Up and Fabulous decided to do a crowdfunding campaign, which will be followed by filming shortly thereafter. The goal is to raise $16,000 to help with the cost of the production that includes filming, postproduction, paying the cast and crew, etc. Check out Turner’s Indiegogo video where she discusses the show, why people should donate, and more by viewing below.

After hearing from Turner about the show, I’m even MORE excited to see the first episode of Fk’d Up & Fabulous. The show is truly great in catering to fans of classic TV series focusing on a group of women while also putting a spin on it with the chosen women being of color. Please donate to Fk’d Up & FabulousIndiegogo page and contribute to a fantastic project whose goal is $16,000 with only 13 more days left by clicking HERE.

VISIT Fk’d Up & Fabulous’ official website and FOLLOW the show on Twitter.

Photo Credit: Fk’d Up & Fabulous official website/Indiegogo