With credits under his belt like Disillusion and Feels Like Euphoria, writer and director James M. Perry continues his reign of phenomenal projects with The Hour Glass. Perry’s short film follows Toni Brooks, a former child star who had a promising career after starring in a short-lived sitcom. However, she is now more known for various drug-related arrests. Toni’s promiscuous sister, Ruth, is now living with her. Toni must take control of her life while struggling with addiction, her friendships, and self-worth. Produced by Sharif McFadden, The Hour Glass stars Emma Orelove, Elroy Martinez, Jr., Bianca Sanchez, Gypsy Rose, Samantha Herrera, Jaine Ye, Myseam White, Holly Heiser, and Mcfadden.

Recently, I had the pleasure of watching The Hour Glass and it was nothing short of amazing. Orelove is a great actress in the fact that even though Toni is a former child actress who has lost her way, she made her somewhat relatable. At one time or another, everyone has lost their way and their actions have been clouded. Like Toni, we’ve tried to do better during this time but somehow, a really horrific moment is the only thing to make “us” snap out of it. The other characters were great as well, such as Andre(Martinez). Every great film has at least one bad guy with bad intentions and for The Hour Glass, it’s Andre. He definitely used Toni to his advantage in regards to his drug dealing business and it was obvious that she meant nothing to him.

As far as Ruth and Naomi are concerned, I appreciate Perry for spotlighting a budding romance between two women and the attraction between both actresses seemed VERY real. Last but not least, Danni was a great character to represent the life that Emma SHOULD probably have. Danni was the friend who mirrored what Emma should be doing—auditioning for different roles and actively living life outside of doing drugs in her room. In all, the entire cast was amazing and Perry has another top-notch project to add to his resume.

For more information on The Hour Glass and updates, check out the film’s official FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM pages. For now, check out the trailer below.

Photo Credit: The Hour Glass(Instagram)