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Black Talent TV’s 10 Best Web Series to Binge

Check out Black Talent TV’s 10 Best Web Series to Binge    10-The Marriage Tour(3 Seasons) In 2013, creator David Tinsley decided create a web series that had us asking, “What in the world is a marriage tour?” Basically, The Marriage Tour follows Denise &...

Black Talent TV’s 21 Best Web Series

For the third consecutive year in a row, Black Talent TV is starting the New Year off with our Best Web Series list. With an eccentric group of returning favorites and first timers to the list, the 21 Best Web Series of 2019 list features talent that are nothing short...

Black Talent TV’s 10 Best Producers List

Photo Credit: Jakob Owens Black Talent TV (BTTV) is back with the fourth installment of the "best list." First, we had Best Webseries, Best Directors, Best Screenwriters and now, Best Producers! Without the producers of the world, managing the film and television...

Black Talent TV’s 15 Best Screenwriters List of 2019

Black Talent TV (BTTV) is back with another best list. First, we had Best Webseries, thenBest Directors and now we are here: best screenwriters. Stories of all different backgrounds must be told and without screenwriters, that job would never get done. From Israel to...


Check out the newest and hottest web series on BTTV

Look Who’s Next: The Retreat

With most people quarantined due to this current pandemic, they are looking for as many projects to binge watch and one good recommendation is The Retreat. Created by Ashley Denise & Ricki Lynèe, who also stars in the project, The Retreat is a suspenseful web...

Look Who’s Next: Reckless Behavior the Series

While the world is currently going through a pandemic, some individuals are looking to binge watch as much shows as possible while being quarantined at home. With so many options to choose from, one amazing web series that should be added to the list is Reckless...

LOOK WHO’S NEXT: Filthy Prelude

A wise person once said, “A love triangle is like a relay race where the person in the middle deliberately delays the passing of the baton.” And as unfortunate as the situation can or will be, love triangles are terrific in the entertainment world. From books to TV...

#BTTV Power List

People we have interviewed who are influencing film and media.

Kwanza Osajyefo, Co-creator of “Black” Talks About His Journey To A Film Deal

"In a world that already fears and hates them - what if only Black people had superpowers" The Black Team enjoyed talking to Kwanza Osajyefo about "Black." To any creator who is interested in taking their project to the next level this  podcast will teach you how....

“I Try To Treat Each Role Like it’s The Biggest Project In The World”: An Interview with Christian Keyes

Recently, Black Talent TV had the pleasure of interviewing a phenomenal actor who’s appeared on everything from films and TV series to stage plays and this talented individual is Christian Keyes. Born in Detroit, MI but raised in Flint, Keyes is also a singer, author,...

“Only Do It If You Absolutely Love It”: An Interview with Britt Banks and Tamara S. Hall

When it comes to making a good horror movie, filmmaker, screenwriter, and composer John Carpenter says, “There’s a very specific secret: It should be scary,” and two award winning filmmakers who believe their upcoming horror film possesses that exact secret are Britt...

Matthew A. Cherry Talks About His Life As A Director

Former football player turn director Matthew A. Cherry is one of the hottest directors of the moment and is hitting his stride with big features films and directing the Warrior music video from the Winkle in Time soundtrack.   Chicago native Matthew A. Cherry is...

“I Literally Had to Trust in My Own Dopeness And Carry My Vision Through All of That”: An Interview with Dui Jarrod

Said best by American author and motivational speaker Leo Buscaglia, “Your talent is God’s gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God” and one person who embodies this quote is Dui Jarrod. Best known for Brooklyn.Blue.Sky, the first acquired web series...

Be In The Talk With Ruth Carter (Oscar 2019 Winner)Black Panther’s Costume Designer

Photo by Kwaku Alston Photo by Steve Dieti About Ruth Carter Ruth E. Carter’s unparalleled ability to develop an authentic story through costume and character has made her one of the most sought after and renowned costume designers today. She has garnered two Academy...

Congratulations Camille Friend For Being Nominated by The Makeup Artists and Hairstylists Guild For Black Panther

Photo Credit: Honoree of Hollywood Beauty Awards Camille Friend is beautiful inside and out and the Black Talent TV family congratulates her for being nominated this year in the  Feature Length Motion Picture category for Best Period and /or Character Hairstyles....

LOOK WHO’S NEXT: Makeup and Breakup the Series

When it comes to romantic relationships, there is always going to be some pros and cons along the way. If a relationship cannot withstand these cons, both individuals might decide to break up. However, one person might want the relationship to begin again after taking...

LOOK WHO’S NEXT: Situationships

A new web series has recently premiered and if you’re fans of singer Verse Simmonds or even rapper Fabolous’ Soul Tape 3 mixtape, then you understanding the meaning of this show’s title! Created and directed by Cylla Senii, Situationships is a “dramedy exposing the...


















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