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Born in Athens, Ga, Melvin “DiiJai” Rambeau Jr. began to recognize his talent at a very early age. It was at the age of 8 that he realized that his life calling was music. DiiJai gained musical momentum by hosting a number of radio shows for a bundle of different radio stations including WBKZ 880 AM and WXAG 1470 AM, which are both located in Athens. With a resume that stretches from the local stages of Athens to Las Vegas, DiiJai is an artist who truly has a story to be told through the gift of song. In 2010, DiiJai released his first mixtape entitled Independence Day, Vol. 1. This piece of work included cover songs from his favorite and influential artists. Being the hard worker he is, DiiJai quickly released a second body of work entitled Testimony. Other works include Independence Day, Vol. 2: The Frustration Of… and Rehab. Not too long ago, DiiJai released his debut video for “By Myself,” a single off of his upcoming EP C.O.L.O.R.S and it is AMAZING. The song is just so REAL and the video embodies it completely as the storyline deals with a woman in an abusive relationship. I believe that DiiJai will blow up very soon and everyone should get ready to CONSTANTLY hear his music in the near future. You can view his “By Myself” video below.

You can FOLLOW DiiJaii on Twitter and Instagram, LIKE him on Facebook, and CHECK OUT his BANDCAMP/REVERBNATION/YOUTUBE page. You can also PURCHASE “By Myself” on Itunes.

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