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Yep, a new web series is joining the BLACK TALENT TV family!!!!!! The Lyons Den is a LA Web Series Festival 2013 award winning & 12th Urban Mediamakers Film Festival 2013 official selection that YOU will absolutely love and get HOOKED on. After the sudden death of their father, the Lyons siblings must come together as they navigate through the pressures and realities of life discovering the importance of family, friendship, and core spiritual values. Now, I’m sure that most of YOU already know that along the journey, the siblings will most likely have to deal with secrets, tension, and revelations, all of which is good for us series junkies. The Lyons Den is by Victory Productions, an independent production company that produces family-oriented stage plays, films, and television programs. CEO Karlton T. Clay(as well as executive producer, director, and writer of the series) was only 16 years-old when he was diagnosed with acute lymphoma leukemia. However, instead of succumbing to this terrible disease in his life, Clay decided that he was going to persevere. During his time in recovery, he grew closer to his family and his relationship with God strengthened. Thus, VICTORY PRODUCTIONS was born! Below is the first episode of the first season of The Lyons Den and it introduces the siblings, as well as the unfortunate death of their father. The series stars Victoria Wilson, Shantelle Wheeler, Reishal Monique, Sam Evans, DJ Jackson, Torrence White, Kendra Clay, Antrinese Snell, Stacy Camille, Matt Calcutt, Kwashane Dijiare, Altina Menefee, Shatareia Stokes, and Clay. YOU can watch the first episode below.

Make sure to VISIT Karlton Clay’s official website & VISIT the series’ official site, LIKE Victory Productions on Facebook, and FOLLOW Clay on Twitter.

Photo Credit: The Lyons Den Facebook Page


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