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Here it is—part two to the season two premiere of The Marriage Tour! In this episode(titled “Fireworks Part 2”) of the award winning & Beth Wallan directed web series,  Brian(Writer & Executive Producer David Tinsley) and Denise(Chi’Von Golden) see each other for the first time since their breakup. Again, it is crazy to see the entire cast(Producer Keir Thirus as Eddie, Jerrel O’Neal as Andre, Jade Johnson as Carmen, Shango as Kyle, and Tiffany Diaz as Laura) together in one room. Eddie is still in love with being a bachelor as he even says in the episode that he is going to search for “a lil something to take home.” In that search, he actually meets a girl named Jessica at the party. I’m really wondering what is going on between Andre and Carmen since there is some EXTREME tension. And a surprise at the door is sure to cause a lot of drama for Kyle and Laura in future episodes. YOU can view the “Fireworks Part 2” episode of The Marriage Tour below.

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Photo Credit: The Marriage Tour’s YOUTUBE page

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