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Sooner than later, this next artist is going to blow up so YOU might want to read this to get to know her before that happens! Born Kendra Clay, Life Under Virtue always had a passion for singing. Also known as LUV, Life Under Virtue is a neo-soul/gospel artist and songwriter from the Augusta, GA area.

She has two songs featured on two soundtracks: “Your Love”(which was co-written and produced by national gospel artist Claude Deuce) for the 2009 Victory Productions’ theatre production Surrender and “Ticking Time” for the 2011 Victory Productions’ theatre production Turn Around High School. Life Under Virtue has also had the privilege to sing at different venues and churches in the Augusta area.

Besides singing and songwriting, she dabbles in the pot of acting with her brother’s(Karlton Clay, creator of award winning web series The Lyons Den) company Victory Productions. She has participated in numerous plays such as Speak to My Heart, Leukemia & Me, Judgement Day, Judgement Day 2: Temptation Island, Judgement Day III: Redemption Song, and Turn Around High School. She is also known for her characters Monique Andrews from the hit web series College Daze and Shayquan Turner from another hit web series called The Lyons Den.

Life Under Virtue completed and released her self-titled demo album in February 2011 and has completed three music videos. She is a rising star who has a voice that will leave you breathless. YOU can view the music videos to “He Is”(with Gospel rapper Quamid), “Your Love,” and “Can’t Allow”, as well the songs from her amazing demo album No Games, I Will Win.

YOU can FOLLOW Life Under Virtue(or LUV) on Twitter, LIKE her on Facebook, and VISIT her SoundCloud page for more music!

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