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Here is another short film for all of you and it’s one that will probably make you really emotional. Directed and written(with Tai Nguyen) by Richard Kattah, Alone is a short film centering on 19 year old Tracey who, a few months after her mother loses her battle with cancer, finds herself with much more responsibilities on her shoulders. Having to drop out of university and barely managing to cope with work and looking after her young siblings, Tracey struggles with everyday life but seemingly manages to put on a brave face. One person who truly knows what she is going through is her best friend Khloe.

Khloe has been there for her from the beginning and has always promised Tracey she would never be “alone”. After yet another hard day for Tracey, she is absolutely distraught when her landlord threatens to evict her and her siblings due to overdue rent. Tracey has often found herself considering taking her life and this was the last straw for her. The film stars Winifred Opoku, Hayley Konadu, Dennan Ogbuehi, Ellisia Matudi, Nancy Ogbuehi, and Jeffery Owusu.

This film was really great and I love that instead of a clichéd happy ending, the actual ending gave me a feeling that Tracey is going to be alright. YOU can view Richard Kattah’s Alone below.

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