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Here comes another new web series that will join the Black Talent TV family and it’s one that is very VERY unique. Directed, written, and produced(with Precious LeDoux) by Kimberly Gail, The Struggle is about about three women struggling in life to find who they really are. This fascinating story takes you through the ups and downs of staying true to self. In the premiere episode(titled “Who’s Who”), we are introduced to Leslie, Tricia, and Kita as they try to enjoy a night out. The traumatic experiences to follow will soon be a rude awakening to the trio. The web series stars Lakesha Felton, Jernique King, and Nichole Shotwell. I’m extremely excited for YOU to view this web series since it is REALLY GOOD and will keep you wanting to know what happens next! YOU can view the premiere episode to The Struggle below.

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