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Yep—yet another new web series is joining the Black Talent TV! College Boyfriends is created by recent graduates of Clark Atlanta University: the talented Tina Shakiyah(who is also the director, writer, producer, and first editor) and Donte Rose(who is also the co-producer). This scripted reality show follows the life of five college male students as they struggle through the semester while being a “boyfriend.” For some of them, it’s a pain in the rear end. For others, it’s what their heart has been asking for all year! Love will be tested and friendships will be questioned. Some say it’s hard to handle having a college boyfriend, but it’s even harder to handle being a college boyfriend. The web series stars Alex T. Smith, Robyn Mckinley, Darius Brookes, Breanna Sharp, Hines Bishop, Kiyah Johnson, Sean Mitchell, Ni’a Moore, Adrian Williams, and Sasha Walker.

Before the first episode can be posted, there are five minisodes that introduce the couples and cast. Below, YOU can watch the first two minisodes of College Boyfriends that introduce couples Hines & Kiyah and Sean & Ni’a.

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