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Here comes another new web series joining the Black Talent TV family! Directed, executive produced and written by the talented Christian Smooth, The Student Body is a web series that chronicles the lives of Students at Nagrom State University, which is a fictional University in Baltimore, MD. In the premiere episode(titled “You Aint Nothing But A Stereotype”) of the Smooth House production, student Lil’ Al thinks that there is one concrete definition of what it means to be black and he is about to get a rude awakening. The series stars Kam “Klac Stones” Brooks, Andre “Tarzan” Davis, Dominique Butler, Candace Cahoe, Emmanuel Onafeko, Duane “Weather Man” Saunders, Imani Paul, Briana Starkey, and Shelly Lewis.

I really did like this episode because it reminded me a little of Higher Learning(which starred Ice Cube, Omar Epps, Tyra Banks, Kristy Swanson, & more) since that movie dealt with different issues in a college. YOU can view the premiere episode of The Student Body below.

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