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It’s NEW WEB SERIES Friday and today we have an exciting new web series to bring to you! From writer and director Joann Guerilus, Out of Character follows Haley, a perfectionist and third year law student who has always played by the rules and always done what was expected of her. But now, Haley’s ready to stop living for everyone else and start living for her. The choices she makes will either lead to a great revelation… or her disastrous unraveling. Sounds good, right? Well below is the first episode. Titled “About a Girl,” Haley has just dropped out of law school and struggles with telling her mother. She goes to her brother, Travis, for advice, but finds help in an unexpected place instead. The series stars Krystina Bailey, Corine C. Donovan, Gregg Ellson, and Credric Lilly. YOU can watch the premiere episode below.

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