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Today we have a special post on an amazing organization based in Miami, Florida thanks to amazing Publicist Susanne Pinedo! According to their official website, Voices United is a non-profit organization that fosters cross-cultural understanding and youth action through creative expression, empowering our youth to become tolerant and caring leaders for a better future. Voices United empowers the multi-cultural youth of Miami to transform hatred into understanding, prejudice into respect, violence into peaceful collaboration, and cynicism into hope.

Voices United, formerly Peace Child Miami, was created in 1989 by 17 year old Katie Christie, a high school senior at Miami’s New World School of the Arts. After traveling to the Soviet Union for a Peace Child arts exchange program, Christie noticed that young people of different races and cultures did not get along or respect each other’s differences.

She also felt that young people faced a multitude of problems without any way to address their concerns. To respond to these challenges, Christie created Voices United to give the young people of Miami a voice. The impact of that voice has been tremendous: over 800 youth from the Miami area have participated in performances seen by 20,000 people, bringing to light the concerns of today’s youth.

Below, YOU can view a video that celebrates their 25th anniversary, which is an AMAZING accomplishment!

YOU can FOLLOW Voices United on Twitter, VISIT their official site, and LIKE them on Facebook. Also, FOLLOW Susanne Pinedo on Twitter and LIKE PinedoPR on Facebook.

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