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Today we have a special post that is not a web series but….a short film! I know…we haven’t had too much of those on Black Talent TV but there are a lot of amazing short films out there and to showcase them on BTTV is just an honor. This particular short film is just one that I knew would be PERFECT for BTTV after watching.

Directed by Omar N’Diaye and Mansa Johnson, Open Mind is a sci-fi short film centering around two men that are taken into custody for question on a mysterious incident but open of the cop suspects one of the men have telekinesis. Besides co-director N’Diaye, this short film also stars Brian Gibson, Dominique Butler, Lindsey Jay, Jason Thompson, Andre Melton, Wale Awolesi, Michael McMillan, Octavia Latrice, Crevonte Murde, and Christian Smooth(who you might remember created web series The Student Body, which showed some of their episodes on BTTV). Trust me, YOU will love this short and can view Open Mind below!

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